How to find my Audi car radio code?

Published on July 4, 2023

Your car radio may lock when the battery of your Audi is changed. To unlock your Audi radio you need a four-digit PIN code. If you have lost your Audi radio code or if the seller didn't give it to you, we can retrieve it for you.

How to unlock my Audi car radio?

If you don't know your car radio code, your car dealer can find it for you. However, many drivers complain about very high prices at their dealership. Luckily for you, CarGroov can retrieve your Audi car radio code for a fair price. We only need the serial number of your car radio. That's all!

Step 1: Find the serial number of my car radio.

Step 2: Order my code online using the form below.

Step 3: Unlock my Audi car radio with the code!

How to find the serial number of my Audi car radio?

The serial number of your Audi car radio is printed on a sticker on the side of the radio. It starts with AUZ.

On some models, the serial number is displayed on the screen of the radio.

You only need that number in order to generate your unlocking code!

If the serial number is not displayed on the screen, you will have to remove the radio from the dashboard in order to read the serial number on the sticker.

How to remove my Audi radio? (if needed)

In order to extract your Audi car radio from the dashboard, you need removal tools. These are metal keys to be inserted into the slots of the car radio in order to extract it.

Here are some YouTube tutorials if you need help.

Now that you have your serial number you can order your unlocking radio code 🙂

Get your Audi car radio code online

To get your Audi radio code, you only need to give us the serial number and an email address where we can send you your code.

If you encounter any trouble at any step you can contact us: [email protected]

Get your Audi radio code now!

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    Examples of Audi radio codes

    Serial numberCode

    Please make sure not to confuse the capital letter i (I) with L or with digit 1.

    Capital i
    Capital L

    How to enter the code in my Audi car radio to unlock it?

    Now that you have received your four-digit PIN code you can unlock your Audi radio.

    For some models:

    How much time before I receive my Audi car radio code?

    Our worker is available most of the day so it generally takes a few minutes for him to send you your code. It may take up to a few hours, but in any case you can contact us at [email protected] 👍

    My car radio is blocked with the screen displaying "SAFE"

    It is normal for your Audi car radio to display "SAFE", this is a safety mode. You must enter your car radio code to unlock your car radio. Be careful, by entering wrong codes too many times, the car radio may be blocked for 1 hour or more. You will then have to wait (leaving the car radio on) for an hour to be able to try again. So make sure to enter your correct car radio code.

    How can I get my Audi car radio code for free?

    Some websites claim their radio code service is free. If you try you will see at the end that you actually have to pay! Free services for Audi car radio code actually does not exist! The car dealer may be very expensive, at CarGroov we can retrieve your Audi car radio code at a fair price.