How to find the car radio code for my Ford?

Published on September 18, 2023

Your car radio may lock when the battery of your Ford is changed. To unlock it you need a four digit code. If you have lost your car radio code or if the seller didn't give it to you, we can retrieve it for you.

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How to unlock my Ford car radio?

If you don't know your car radio code, your car dealer can find it for you. However, many drivers complain about very high prices at their dealership. At CarGroov we can retrieve your Ford car radio code at a very low price. We only need the serial number of your car radio. That's all!

What I need first : the serial number of my car radio.

How to find the serial number of my Ford car radio?

There are two ways to find the serial number of your car radio.

If you are lucky, the first method will work!

All you have to do is simultaneously press buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 on your car radio. Data will be displayed on your screen for about half a minute. Wait until the serial number is displayed. It usually starts with the letter M or V and is then followed by 6 digits (for example M217382 or V921828). You can also find another type of serial number which starts with C7E followed by 14 characters.

Note that we can't retrieve all car radio codes! Only if the serial number starts with M, V, or C7E.

If the first method does not work, then you'll have to remove the car radio from the dashboard in order to read the serial number on the sticker.

If I can't find the serial number in the menu, I need to remove the car radio and read the sticker.

How to remove my car radio?

If you can't find the serial number of your car radio in the menu, you need to remove your car radio from the dashboard.

You will find many tutorials on YouTube. Here is a short compilation:

As you can see, you may need some extraction keys (or this type) to remove your car radio from the dashboard. Once you've removed the radio, take a picture of the sticker or write down the serial number. You need it!

By removing my car radio I can read the sitcker and get the serial number that I need.

It must start with M, V or C7E for CarGroov to be able to help me 🙂

Ford car radio code generator with serial number

Now that you have the serial number of your Ford car radio, we can generate the four-digit code you need to unlock your car radio.

Our price is only £7.99 and the payment by PayPal is fully secure.

Get your unlock code for your Ford car radio

    Secure with Paypal

    Read the serial number on the sticker on the side of your car radio. It must start with M, V or C7E.
    If you encounter any trouble, feel free to contact us.

    Here are some examples of Ford radio codes:

    Serial numbercode

    Don't try to enter random codes to unlock your car radio! Your radio may get into security mode and you could block it definitively.

    Make sure you have the right code.

    You can order the original code of your car radio using our PayPal form above 👍

    How to enter the code in my Ford car radio to unlock it?

    Now that you have your four-digit code you can unlock your car radio.

    The way to enter the code may be different depending on the type of your car radio. In some cases it's easy, you just press the numbers and then "ok".

    For some car radios, you will have to use only buttons 1 to 4 :

    Button 1 will be used to enter the first digit of the car radio code. Button 2 for the second digit of the code, etc.

    For example for code 3281, press:

    And then press button 5 to validate.

    How much time before I receive my car radio code?

    Our worker is available most of the day so it generally takes a few minutes for him to send you your code. If he's not available, you will receive your code as soon as he's back. Note that if you live in the US, it may be night in UK, so be patient please.

    If you encounter any trouble, feel free to contact us.

    How can I get my Ford car radio code for free?

    Ford car radio codes generator services are not free, but if your serial number starts with V11 you can use our generator sample below and get your code for free.

    Our free Ford radio code generator sample

    You can try our calculator that generates radio codes for Ford car radios. It's a free sample so it only works with serial numbers starting with V11.

    Serial number: V11

    Your radio code is:

    Free Ford car radio code

    Another way to get your car radio for free is by sending us a video of the unlocking process to illustrate our article. We are willing to trade a video for a free radio code! 🙂

    Description of the video we are looking for:

    Thanks in advance for helping us improving our article 🙂