Renault Clio car radio code: generate your car radio code instantly

Published on April 11, 2023

Your Renault Clio car radio can get locked when the battery is replaced. To unlock it, you need a four-digit code. If you have lost your car radio code or the seller didn't provide it, you can retrieve it using our generator.

How to Unlock Your Renault Clio Car Radio?

Unlocking a locked Renault Clio car radio is straightforward. You just need to find your four-character precode and then generate your code.

Step 1: Find the precode of the car radio.

Step 2: Generate the code using the precode.

Step 3: Unlock your radio using the code.

Step 1: Find the Precode of Your Renault Clio Car Radio

There are two methods to find the precode of a Renault Clio car radio:

Method 1: Read the Precode from the Screen

Press the 1 and 5 or 1 and 6 buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. On some models, this will display the precode on the radio screen.

The precode starts with a letter, followed by 3 digits. (Examples: A283, S103, V993...)

Note that this is not your code. It's only the precode. You will use it to get your radio code later 👍

If this first method doesn't work, you will need to remove your car radio from the dashboard.

Method 2: Extract the Car Radio to Read the Precode

The precode is written on a label at the back of your Renault Clio car radio. To read it, you need to remove the radio from the dashboard. You may need disassembly tools such as radio removal keys.


The precode can be found next to the word "Security" or at the end of a long number.

Now that you have it, you can generate your Renault Clio car radio code 🙂

Step 2: Generate Your Renault Clio Car Radio Code

To get your Renault Clio car radio code, simply enter your precode into our generator below. It will generate your car radio code instantly, and we will email it to you.

Get your Renault radio code now!

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    The precode consists of 1 letter + 3 digits. For example: U507.

    List of Renault Clio Car Radio Codes

    PrecodeRenault Clio Car Radio Code

    Use the generator above to get your car radio code instantly!

    Step 3: Enter Your Car Radio Code to Unlock Your Radio!

    Now that you have obtained your Renaut car radio code through our generator, you need to enter it into the radio.

    Use buttons 1 to 4 to input the code, then press button 5 or 6 to validate.

    What to Do If the Car Radio Code Doesn't Work?

    If you are certain that the code is not working, please send us an email at [email protected].